This site presents scans of maps, mostly from atlases.

Oxford Atlases – the largest part of the site. The works presented are more than 75 years old, and out of copyright. Mostly, complete sets of plates from atlases are presented.

You can find an atlas either from the main list of atlases or from an interactive index which allows you to select the atlases you want listed.

Belgian Central America

As an introduction to the site, you might look at some interesting items among the plates described above.

       The detail to the left shows a Belgian colony in Central America, bordering Guatemala, San Salvador and Honduras.

You can buy maps from the site. The images you can buy are large JPGs, showing the same plates as those described above, but at a higher resolution and with less compression.

Search for a place, battle, etc. in the maps here.

Recommended in-print atlases with one or two sample plates from each.

Remarks about various geographical topics, and themes illustrated by maps.

part of Thuringia A few enhanced maps, using features of html and javascript to overlay maps for various effects.
      The example to the right shows a region of Thuringia that requires six colours to colour it.

Central America

The most useful is an outline map of the world with automatic colouring of countries, so that you can make your own coloured-in map. The detail on the left is from such a map.