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All the maps on this site are presented using Zoomify software. They require a browser with Flash installed and Activex enabled to display them.

I apologise to those who are unable or unwilling to install Flash. I share the view that almost all Flash applications on the web are annoying, and where they present any information at all it would be better presented without them. However I believe that Zoomify is one of the rare exceptions, and makes good use of Flash. I believe that the excellent results provided by Zoomify justify my decision to use it.

If your browser is unable to display maps using Zoomify, but you want to be able to see them, you will need to have Flash installed, and to have Activex enabled. How to do this is different for different browsers.

How to use Zoomify

Zoomify contriols When you look at a page on which a map is presented by Zoomify, you will see this set of controls at the bottom of the page. (You may need to use your browser's vertical scroll bar to get to the bottom of the page.) You can:

You can also